The summer fair  at a Sheffield school recently raised a staggering £7000 pounds from. And it was not the best weather too.
Hire Candy Floss was there with the candy floss desert. So we had a look around at the top10 best ideas to share:

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1. Hire Candy Floss.

Yes, candy floss hire is a top hit with every visitor. The school can rent out a place for the candy floss maker or simply the service for 3 hours.

2. Find the stars:

Get three boxes. Fill each box with something different that feels strange e.g. chopped apples and pears, cooked rice, beans etc. Ones all the stars have been found the visitors get to chose if they want to eat a bug or not.

3. Make the best paper aeroplane:

Step one. Get a GOOD prize [e.g. a drone, a type of console, an electronic watch etc.] Step two. Place a small wooden box away and get the visitors to make a paper aeroplane and the first one to get their’s to the box wins!

4. Slime-making stall:

1. Get pree made slime [white.]
2. Get food colouring and glitter decorations (try to tick with biodegradable glitter)
3. Get visitors to chose what they want in their slime.

5. Coconut stand.

Simply get a lot of coconuts and hard balls. Place stands for the coconut. Get the visitors to throw the hardball at the coconuts and nock them off.

6. Hair spray and glitter tattoos stall.

Book a face painter. Invite parents to help with hair spray and glitter tattoos. Note do not forget to bring old towels and hand gloves; buy hair spray and glitter tattoos in advance. Also why not to ask a fellow helper to do some sweet plats.

7. Bike and scootering training course.

Borrow a couple of scooters and bikes. Build some ramps from planks of wood or wooden pallets. Corden off the track. Book people in advance, it will be very popular.

8. Splat-the-rat and feed the lion.

All time favourite! Guaranty a steady stream of visitors. Pre-make in advance the lion, rat and a tub for the rat.

9. Cake stall.

One of the first things people go to. Organise parents to cook lots of cakes and other surgery snacks. Make sure there are lots of samples and ask anyone if they have any allergies and make sure to tell all the parents about baking.

10. Hook a duck.

Everyone loves a nice end treat with hook a duck a nice simple hook with a sweet prize. It works in any weather and simply build it and detach. All you need is:
A rubber duck with a hook attached.
Blow-up paddling pool.
A couple of sticks with a hook added to the end.
And a prize [ e.g. cuddly toys and sweets]
Note, when planning a summer fair, make sure to make things environmentally friendly. Remember to use recyclable packaging and try and avoid plastic, why not to get the toys everyone wants in their rooms get children to make recycled materials into other prizes.

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