10 Great ideas for a school summer fair!

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The summer fair  at a Sheffield school recently raised a staggering £7000 pounds from. And it was not the best weather too. Hire Candy Floss was there with the candy floss desert. So we had a look around at the top10 best ideas to share: Please read some of our amazing candyfloss testimonials here 1. Hire… Read more »

Candy floss hire for young enterprise

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candy floss hire hallam primary event

Candy Floss Hire at Young Entrepreneurs Competition   Alfie, an 11-year-old boy, used candy floss hire idea for a school competition at Hallam Primary School, Sheffield. Hallam Primary is a great school and does many fun educational activities that help children in their future. The school located in S10 area of Sheffield. About the Enterprise Event… Read more »