All candyfloss is heated sugar, which is then spun around to make it all cloudy. However, what is the best candy floss sugar? There are just so many to pick! Here at HireCandyFloss we want to let you in to our little secret.


Many people believe that brown or demerara sugar would be a good use as it is quite a healthy sugar. But the best candy floss sugar to use is actually caster sugar. It is common in shops and works beautifully in a candy loss machine. If you would like to add colour and flavour into your candyfloss all you need to do is buy some pre-made sugar and mix it in a small box with caster sugar. I like to buy blue raspberry and pink vanilla.


Candyfloss machines are quite simple. They tend to come with a wire, the machine, a metal cylinder that goes on the machine and a little long spoon to pour the sugar. The machine takes about 5mins to heat up but you should change the temperature depending on the weather. Once it’s heated, pour some sugar and get you stick. You should use the wooden ones, as the papers sticks are not sticky enough for the sugar.


If you are at a gala or somewhere where people are paying for candyfloss individually £1.50-£2 is a sensible price but be prepared for some big queues. If your machine started acting strange after a few hours just tell people it needs to cool down for about 10-15mins. Wind can also be a hassle so get a blanket or sheet to stop the wind. Although you get given a wire for your machine always brings an extension cable.


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